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Laminated Wood – DIY Installation Instructions

The tools you will need:

  • Hammer
  • Knocking block
  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • Silicon gun
  • Silicon
  • Spacers
  • Hand or table saw
  • Foam underlay

Note: Always check each plank to make sure it is not damaged prior to installation.

Undercut the doorframes.

Unroll one width of underlay as needed. 10mm is the standard minimum expansion space required around the entire perimeter and around any fixed objects such as columns. In rooms that are 22m or greater in length or width, an expansion space of 12mm minimum is required.

Measure the width of the room (at a right angel to the direction in which the planks will be installed). If the measurement is not an exact multiple of the width of a plank, plus the expansion distance, you will need to cut the last row lengthwise, making it narrower that the other rooms. If the last row is less than 50mm you will scribe the first row to fit the contour of the starting row. Cut a sufficient amount from the first row so that the last row will be 50mm or wider.

Cut the plank with the decorative side up using a hand saw or table saw, and decorative side down when using a circular saw.

Deco-Flooring is a tongue and groove system installed without the use of glue. The flooring is installed by inserting the tongue into the groove or sliding the groove under the tongue at an angle then pushing the plank downward to lock the joint. The following instructions demonstrate the installation method of inserting the tongue into the groove.

Insert the tongue into the groove at an angle and push downward. All joints will fit together tightly when locked. Beginning with short end, both short and long joints are assembled by pushing downwards.

Remove the tongue on the end of the first plank and the tongue along the length of all planks that will be in the first row, next to the starting wall.

Assemble first two rows of planks approximately two feet from the starting wall. This allows for legroom when first starting. Once assembled you will slide these two rows up to the starting wall. Begin with four planks. The extended groove side faces out into the room. The tongue side points towards the starting wall.

Place two spacers against the end wall. Place the end of plank 1 against the spacers. With your back to the starting wall and your knee on the starting plank 1, work from right to left. Place the end of plank 2 against the two spacers. At a slight angle, insert the tongue of plank 2 into the groove of plank 1 until the laminate edges meet, then press downward on plank 2. When the joints click you will hear a clicking sound as the joints fit together tightly. There should not be any gaps at the joints. Should there be a gap rotate the joints and press downward until the joint locks and fits together tightly.